Seeking Truth

I am a wife, a mother of three children, and a teacher in a public middle school in the greater Tacoma, Washington area. I have enjoyed meeting with the local churches in Seattle and Tacoma for nearly twenty-five years.

My early years were spent on a cozy farm in Oregon. Amidst the beauty of our tree-lined valley, I never doubted the existence of a marvelous creator God. My early religious training, however, did not encourage reading the Bible or establishing a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus, so I continued to seek for truth, truth that would set the path for my life and give it meaning.

After I was married, my husband and I continued this search, eventually attending a number of Christian denominations and free groups. A dear friend invited my husband and me to visit the local church in Seattle. We were impressed not only by the caring brothers and sisters, but also by the effort taken to follow closely what was practiced in the Bible and the encouragement to study and enjoy the Word daily. Also, the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee opened up the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in a more complete way.

Soon after we began to meet with the local church, the Bible became more than a book detailing man’s need for salvation and the Lord’s sacrifice on the cross for man’s redemption. Rather, it became a beautiful continuum revealing God’s heart to have a group of redeemed, spirit-filled people to express and represent God for His satisfaction. My desire to find truth, to know the purpose for my time on the earth was satisfied!

The Lord continues His work in me and I pray to be an open vessel for His filling. I appreciate my precious experiences in the church in Tacoma as the way for the Lord to supply me through the members of His Body.