For the summer training we will try to closely follow the training in Anaheim schedule. That is, we will have:

  • morning study times
  • dinner break
  • testing before the messages
  • two messages each day, for one week. 

    All cameras and microphones should be turned on unless there is excessive background noise. Please dress in a manner that is appropriate to the training and keep all distractions to a minimum so that the Lord will have the way to speak.

    Please be familiar with and observe the following training regulations.

Viewing the message:

  1. All trainees will watch the messages at the scheduled times by joining the Zoom meeting.
  2. Zoom ID’s and passcodes are printed on the back of each badge.
  3. Attendance will be taken 5 minutes before meeting time.
  4. Trainees who do not watch a message according to the scheduled meeting time will be counted absent for that message.
  5. No unexcused absences are permitted.
  6. An unexcused absence is any missed meeting which you were committed to attend.
  7. No more than two excused absences are permitted.
  8. To request to be excused from a message, call, text or email the attendance taker: (David Saxon)
  9. Full-time trainees must attend all twelve messages.

10. Part-time attendance:
a. Part-time trainees must attend all sessions for which they are registered.
b. Part-time trainees should identify before the training begins, which sessions they will
attend. They are free to attend any other sessions, also.
c. Call, text or email the attendance taker to confirm which meetings you will attend

11. “Shared seating” is not an option for this training.

Study times:

The group study times are 10:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, one hour for each message.

There will be two English-speaking study groups and one Spanish-speaking study group. You will receive Zoom codes for your study group.

The study times should use pray-reading the verses, finding the main points in the outlines and reciting the main points rather than merely answering the questions.


The test will be given by representatives of the study groups prior to the message.

Two representatives will present the main points of the message, not the entire message. These representatives should have been present for the message they are being tested upon.

The testing will consist of presenting the main points of the outline rather than covering minor subpoints.